Meet DPR Trading



DPR Trading Llc It is headquartered in the US in Miami, Florida.

With extensive experience in foreign trade, specifically in the import and export of automobiles, DPR trading, a company with a global dimension, focuses its efforts on exporting vehicles to all major world markets such as Asia, Europe, Panama, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Africa , Morocco, Brazil.
With Headquarters in Miami, Florida and São Paulo – SP, and Operational Bases in Veracruz, Mexico, Montreal, Canada and Bremerhaven, Germany, it has been operating in the market for over 20 years.

With more than 20 years of experience in importing and exporting vehicles, DPR Trading is made up of a team of highly qualified professionals.

DPR Trading Llc is directly responsible for purchasing, storing and exporting your vehicle to your country. Support has specialized legal advice and high quality customs brokers. We coordinate all the steps of the import process of your vehicle, which is insured from end to end, so that our customer has all the comfort and tranquility of waiting for the arrival of their vehicle safely.

We carry out Exports in the Individual or Legal entity, according to the need of the Importer.

Here at DPR Trading you negotiate directly with the EXPORTER, avoiding additional ancillary and consulting costs, obtaining greater agility, security and savings.


Reference in Excellence

Only a company committed to excellence is able to survive two decades firm and solid. Our values are based on transparency and Excellence.

Headquarters in Miami, several Operational Bases

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, with Operational Bases in Veracruz, Mexico, Montreal, Canada and Bremerhaven, Germany, it has been operating in the market for two decades.

Reference in Excellence

Over two decades, we have had the opportunity to work with dozens of clients around the world. Customers who became friends.

Best Cost X Benefit

With advanced expertise in the premium car segment, we have extensive knowledge throughout the entire chain from ordering at the factory/distributors to customs clearance in the country of importation.

Variety of Vehicles

With advanced expertise in the segment of premium cars and EV, we have free transit in the main world suppliers to order your car with the best conditions.


A company with two decades in the market and a consolidated reputation in hundreds of import X export processes over the last few years can guarantee the peace of mind you need to make your dream come true.